We’re your (Unofficial) Best Man, the definitive site for guys who are taking the plunge and getting married.

The premise is simple: there are a million websites, magazines, and books out there for brides. For grooms? Not so much. If you want advice, you have nowhere to turn.

We’re here to change that. We’ve got you covered–from the proposal to the bachelor party to the honeymoon. We’ll show you how to save money, look good in your tux, charm your future in-laws, plan an amazing honeymoon, and select the perfect ice sculpture for the reception centerpiece. (Kidding about that last one.) (Though if you are looking, call us: we know a guy).

We’ll help you understand what your fiancée is going through, so that you can help her with the wedding planning. You’ll do more than survive it—you’ll actually like it. Trust us.

Other sites will try to tell you how to pick up women in bars, mix a mean martini, or crunch your way to the perfect six pack. But you’re moving past that phase of your life. You want to know how to enter the next chapter: how to become a groom, a husband, and, ultimately, yeah we’ll say it—a better man.

This is probably the most adult (and definitely the most expensive) thing you’ve ever done in your life.

So do it right. A lot of guys stumble into marriage. You’re going to moonwalk in.

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