8 Creative Engagement Shoots You Can Agree On

Many couples choose to have an engagement photo-shoot for use on save-the-dates or wedding invitations or just a special keepsake album.  Themed shoots are can be a lot of fun, even if you’re not having a themed wedding.  Here are 8 ideas that both you and your bride to be can get excited about!

1. Favorite Movie Shoot

If you both share a favorite movie, this can be a perfect theme.  Save over the top costumes for Halloween, and keep it classy by using the movie setting and key elements (such as props and clothing styles) as inspiration for your shoot.  This theme is extremely versatile, fitting any couple’s personal style.

2. Water Balloon Fight Shoot

Don’t take yourself too seriously.  Show off your fun side with this themed shoot.  Plus, pelting water balloons at each other can ease some of the stress caused by all this wedding planning.

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3. Splatter Paint Shoot

This is another super fun idea that involves getting a little (or a lot) messy.  This also doubles as a DIY paint job for some artsy outdoor furniture.  Your lawn chairs will be way cooler than all the neighbors.’

4. Vintage Car Shoot

Ever wanted to try out a classic Chevy Corvette Stingray?  This is a great opportunity to get on that (literally)!  This shoot works best with a convertible.  We all want to see your pretty faces!

5. Underwater Shoot

Done right, the results from an underwater shoot can be incredible.  You’ll beat anyone else’s engagement photos by a long shot.  This one definitely requires some dedication, but hey, you’re an expert at that.

6. Stormy Night Shoot

For once, bad weather will be great news!  This shoot is extremely romantic and sexy without crossing the line.  If you’ve never kissed in the rain before, then this is an experience you need to have regardless.

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7. Animal Friendly Shoot

For couples who consider pets to be part of the family, finding a good place for them in the wedding can be a struggle.  If you’re not down to put your pup (or cat, lizard, horse, what have you) in the wedding procession, engagement pics may be a better place for animal involvement.  And hey, fur babies bring extra cuteness to absolutely any picture.

8. Extreme Sport Shoot

Are you a badass couple known for being adventurous and maybe even a little bit crazy?  In that case, this shoot is for you.  Customize it to fit your favorite outdoor activity, or try out something new.  The possibilities are sky high (if you get this done skydiving, we unequivocally applaud you).

Written by Ariel Guterman

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