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Wedding Crasher Steals Gifts: (More Reason For You to Register)

Okay. This is kind of funny.  And it’s so obvious that it’s amazing it hasn’t happened a million times before. (Or maybe it has. And no one notices.)

The movie Wedding Crashers, of course, explores the idea of sneaking into weddings to score with girls.  But what about scoring with gifts?  There’s usually a ripe, glittering table full of blenders and towels and fine china, just yours for the taking.

One woman decided to do just that.

From The Spokesman-Review:

“She showed up at weddings uninvited, mingled with guests and never left empty-handed.

A Spokane woman’s wedding-crashing scheme unraveled last summer when an old high school classmate – and off-duty police officer – recognized her at a wedding where she wasn’t an invited guest.

When the hosts discovered missing gifts, they realized they’d been looted.”

Three takeaways:

1. Not that you need it, but this is even more incentive to use a gift registry. When people use a registry, it makes it less and less likely that they’ll actually bring physical gifts to the wedding, minimizing the risk.

2. Even if you register, you’ll probably have a gift table. Use your groomsmen to guard the loot. No, this doesn’t mean that they need to stay vigilant all night, conducting their own drunken Changing of the Guards. But as the party starts to break up later in the night, sometimes there’s a shady window where the gifts are ignored for hours. Have the groomsmen transport them somewhere safer (like the getaway car, hotel room, parents’ place, etc.)

3. Don’t invite a mob of people you don’t know. Your wedding isn’t a popularity contest. Yes, inevitably, you won’t recognize some of her guests, and vice verse. Generally, though, if you can’t spot your guests out of a police lineup, they shouldn’t be invited. This makes intruders easier to pick out.

Also, don’t have friends that suck.

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