Honeymoon Budget Spreadsheet

We’re all for procrastinating, coasting, and pushing off the junk that doesn’t really matter (for example, we’re not saying that you need to order your tux 36 months in advance, unlike the-site-that-shan’t-be-mentioned-but-starts-with-a-K-and-ends-with-a-T-and-has-an-NO-in-the-middle.) But you should start your Honeymoon Budget early. Why?

Not only will you get better deals on airfare and hotels, but mentally, it’s easier to swallow another few thousand bucks upfront, in the beginning, while you’re scoping out the wedding costs. (For more on that, see our guide to Honeymoon Planning.)

This spreadsheet gives you a pre-made budgeting tool.

Feel free to change it, customize it, improve it. This is just a template. Obviously, the numbers in the spreadsheet are not actual estimates, but simply some figures to show you how it works.

As it says in the instructions, you only need to enter values in the yellow fields. The rest will calculate.

Some rows are per-person costs; some rows are per-couple costs. You can easily see which costs are which by looking at Column F, the “# of People” column. (Example: for Airline Tickets, since Column F multiples the airline tickets by 2 people, you just enter the per-person cost.)

To access the spreadsheet, just click here.

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