Gifts To Ensure Your Groomsmen Are On Point

These groomsmen gifts will keep your buddies looking good. Which means they’ll cut dashing figures at your wedding. Which means they’ll reflect well on you, the captain of the team. Which means your in-laws will be impressed. Which means they won’t grouse about how much the wedding costs. Which means your bride will be happy. Which means you will be happy.

Persol PO0714 Steve McQueen Sunglasses

If you’re trying to look cool, there aren’t many better people to emulate than Steve McQueen. These sunglasses might not put your groomsmen on quite that level, but there’s no harm in trying to get there.

Mercedes 300 SL Shift Knob Cufflinks

A little dashing, a little mysterious, a little gearshift on your groomsmen’s cuffs: perfect for the guy who’s fast, reliable, and built along stylish lines.

Marquis Dress Watch

No one wants to see a plastic watch at a wedding. Fancy, without being gaudy, this dress watch will smarten up your groomsmen’s looks, as well as help solve their long-standing lateness problem.

Mr Porter The Manual to a Stylish Life

You can’t singlehandedly make your groomsmen cooler, but you can give the process a jumpstart with this manual, which covers everything from how to dress to how to act.

London Sock Company David Gandy Collection

Up their style profile with matching accessories. This set from London Sock Company includes matching socks, tie, and pocket square to seal the deal on your groomsmen’s looks.

Weekbender Bag

Looking good at a wedding requires a certain amount of stuff, and hauling that stuff around can be tough. The Weekbender solves that problem, with a foldable design specifically designed to fit as much as possible into a reasonably-sized space (such as a plane’s overhead compartment).

The Funnel Titanium Flask

With a built-in funnel to keep them from spilling their drink over their shirt front, this hardy flask ensures that your groomsmen will look presentable no matter their level of drunkenness.

Jason Markk x Barneys Sneaker Cleaning Kit

Guys used to obsess over their muscle cars, cleaning them obsessively and worrying over every ding. These days, the same type of guy worries about his sneakers. This kit from Jason Markk and Barney’s will give them all the tools they need to keep their footwear spotless and fresh.

Travel Wallet

Style is more than just the clothes you wear. Accessories, especially ones as essential as a wallet, need to combine usefulness with style. This travel wallet fits the bill–literally: it’s designed to comfortably hold different size denominations.

Bandito Lifestyle Roll-Up

Wallets are passe. Next time your groomsmen need to leave the house, they can roll up their belongings into a single piece of leather, like the frontiersmen they are at heart.