Raising The Bar: Your Wedding Registry Beverage Must-Haves

Baudelaire said it best: “One should always be drunk. That’s all that matters…But with what? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you chose. But get drunk.” If you’re poetic or virtuous, you probably don’t read The Plunge, but if wine–or any other alcohol–is your passion, we have some precocious little suggestions for your registry.

Madison Table Top Bar

You can have the nicest bar top in the world, and the best drinks available, but if you don’t have a good set of bar tools you’re going to blow it. Don’t blow it. Get this wonderful table top bar set.

Metal Wood and Leather Bar Cart

Once you’re done making your drinks at the bar, don’t risk dropping them on the way to your guests. Just load them onto this stylish bar cart and wheel your way over.

Craft Brews 25-Piece Set

If you really know beer, you know that different brews require different glasses. After all, what kind of yokel serves a wheat beer in an IPA glass, right? With this 25-glass set, you’ll always have the right style on hand.

Home Brewing Device

If you liked the look of the Basic Beer Kit, but are intimidated by the idea that it’s not fully automated, you’re in luck. This home brewing set will ease you into the world of microbrewing.

Red & Black Decanter

There aren’t many things you can honestly say are both hand-made and mouth-blown. This is one. Crafted by master European artists, each is a singular work; no two decanters look alike.

Spinning Spirits Set

The glassware in this set is meticulously hand-blown into unique forms that twirl after you set them down, aerating your wine while creating a magical, mesmerizing effect. You may be so hypnotized you forget to actually drink the stuff.

Beer Tasting Flight

You like beer, but you want to appear sophisticated. Bring the wine tasting experience to your consumption of brewskis with this flight set, which allows you to sample different types of rocket sauce without passing out.

2 Gallon Conical Basic Beer Kit

Cool people brew their coffee in counter top kits. Truly awesome people brew their beer in counter top kits. Are you cool? Or are you truly awesome?

Schoenberg 10 Piece Shot Glass Set

You’re never too old for a drinking game, and this one is more literal than most. Not too surprisingly, tic tac toe gets much harder when you’re hammered.

3-Piece Wine Tool Set

Just as you need the right tools for mixed drinks, you need the right tools for wine. This three piece wonder will help you open a bottle, get it perfect for drinking, then seal up what’s left to be enjoyed later.

Three Nights Wine Box

The right wine for the right occasion: that is the secret to a happy life. If you’re worried you’re going to mess that up, this wine box spells it all out for you.

Monkey Bar Tool Set

Of course, any good-quality bar tool set is going to get the job done, but even the best of bar tools can be improved by monkeys.


“Shaken, not stirred.” James Bond might be horrified by the Sempli Incanter, but this is a rare case where 007 would be wrong.  Infuse your favorite spirit with the taste of your choice, via the glasswear’s self-spinning design, which stirs the concoction to perfection with nothing but a nudge from you.

The BrewTender Tabletop Beer Dispenser

At a certain point in the evening, pouring yourself another cold one–without soaking yourself or your drinking partner–becomes a challenge. Get rid of the heavy lifting with this stylish beer dispenser.

Dungarvan 3-Piece Decanter Set

If you’re going to drink booze, you should drink it with elegance and style. Hence the necessity of putting this 3-piece decanter and glass set on your registry.