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Think Inside The Box: Your Groomsmen Gifts Done Right

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So what are you thinking about as a gift for your groomsmen? There are a lot of stereotypical groomsmen gifts to choose from, but those aren’t good enough for your set of friends, and for this important occasion. What you need to do is think outside the box. And that, paradoxically, means thinking inside the box.

Turns out, our friends at Bespoke Post have you covered, with curated, guy-friendly gift boxes that are wallet-friendly too (each box has over $70 worth of quality goods, but only costs $45). Check out some of our picks below.


These guys are your groomsmen for a reason. You have a story with each one of them, and your gift should be a continuation of that story. That’s more than a single object can accomplish, and why you should think of a themed gift-box. Put together a mix of gifts that will show your appreciation on multiple levels: something they can use in the moment; something they can use down the line; or something they’ll always have to remind them of the bond you share.

Turns out, our friends at Bespoke Post have you covered. Check out some of our picks below.


Cigars and brandy: the magical combination that has been soothing the masculine soul since the glory days of the British Empire. Calm those pre-wedding nerves and relax with your boys in old-school splendor. Includes:

Cigars: Two hand-rolled Montecristos for your groomsman to savor.

Snifter Glasses: Perfect for bringing out the many-faceted tastes in your beverage, whether it’s brandy, scotch, cognac or Pepsi-Free.

Incense Burner/Cigar Rests/Ashtray: Ash your cigar in style, then light the incense stick held in the center of this distinctive piece.



Maybe your groomsmen are the type of guys whose idea of fun is sitting in front of the morning camp fire, waiting for the coffee to boil and witling a piece of wood or writing a long hand account of last night’s adventures. This box is for them.

Fountain Pen & Notebook: The great outdoors is no place for your fancy city-made laptop. If your groomsmen are going to be working on their travel journal, they should be doing it with a traditional fountain pen on bounded paper. If it was good enough for their great grandpas, it’s good enough for them.

Bottle Opener: Of course, they’ll want to have something cold and hearty to slake their thirst—and they can’t do that if they don’t have a slick compact bottle opener.

Opinel Pocket Knife: No fancy Swiss Army knives or Leatherman tools for your groomsmen: they’re going to have this true classic. The Opinel No. 8 was used by everyone from Picasso to Jean-Louis Etienne, true adventurers in spirit and practice.



Basically, guy stuff done right. Nothing that’s too clever for its own good—simple, elegant items you’ll want for yourself (which is why giving them as gifts will be even more appreciated).

Cash Fold: Wallets are too bulky and money-clips are crass. This cash fold is exactly you’re your groomsmen will need next time they’re at the bar.

Cologne: Spray bottles are convenient, but a real man carriers his cologne in solid form. Smell sweet with the fragrance stored in this TSA-friendly tin.

Allegheny Bartrams Socks: High-quality socks for your high-quality groomsmen.

Gentleman’s Playing Cards: Play a couple rounds of Omaha Hold ‘Em while learning the ins-and-outs of manly manfulness with these educational playing cards.

Pocket Notebooks: Whether they suddenly realize the meaning of life, or just come up with a really great idea for a start-up, your groomsmen will have the means for getting their ideas down on paper. No electricity required.

Cocktail Mixture and Hot Sauce: Because you never know when they’ll need to add some heat or take the edge off.

Bottom Line

You want to really sum up the story of your friendship with each groomsman? One gift won’t do it. A curated, guy-themed gift-box might be the answer.

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