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Ask Your (Unofficial) Best Man: Hide and Don’t Go Seek

I’ve got the ring, and I’m planning on my proposal, but I’m terrified that she’s going to find it before I propose. Where’s the best place to hide the ring in the meantime?

The key to hiding a ring is to know where she’s going to look. If you have a particularly nosy girlfriend, maybe hiding it somewhere she’s not going to look is harder than you thought. (That shoe box of dirty magazines is also NEVER the good hiding spot. She knows about this. Also, if you still have a shoe box of dirty magazines, you must be like 60-something by now…)

The best place to hide the ring to really be sure she’s not going to stumble upon it is to hide it at a third party location. That can be your parents’ house, a friend’s apartment, anywhere that you know responsible people will put it somewhere safe and leave it there. Inversely, you do run the risk of the ring keeper’s significant other stumbling onto it and informing her about it. (Which we think happened once on Sex and The City, though we can’t remember the episode.)

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