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Ask Your (Unofficial) Best Man: The Box Problem

The box my ring comes in feels so awkward in my pocket and plain. Is there anything I can do to mix it up?

The unfortunate truth is, you can’t go boxless. Without the box, the odds of simply losing the ring increase about 100-fold. You need the box. You want the box. Without that boxy feeling in your pocket, you’ll can’t be sure the ring is really there. Without a box, you’ll be fidgeting with the thing in your pocket every two minutes, like Gollum, trying to reassure yourself you haven’t lost your precious.

Of course, you’re also worried that she’ll see the box-shaped lump in your pocket. Stop worrying. If she does see it, it will only add to the anticipation she’s feeling. Besides, she’ll be going crazy wondering if she’s imagining it: after all, maybe it’s just a deck or cards or a weird new cell phone case you decided to buy.

As for the box itself, there are plenty of ways you can make it more than ordinary. You can get one that has an interesting exterior design, or one that opens on command, or even one that takes her photo at the exact moment she sees it’s an engagement ring (please don’t do that last one). The possibilities are endless.  

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