in depth reviews Review: Best Sites for Antique and Vintage Rings

by Zoe Rosensweig

Best Selection at Reasonable Prices



Why You Should Check It Out: They have a large selection of Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco rings at accessible prices. And while they offer many rings for starter budgets, they also sell jewelry that gets up into the five figures. You won’t have to worry about condition or authenticity.

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Large selection, fair prices, they identify which era the rings come from (Art Deco, Edwardian, etc.)


Some sell out quickly. Rings move quickly here because of the almost cult-like following the company built since the early 2000s (luckily they tend to restock often). If you fall in love with something, don’t delay in purchasing it.


Wide range of rings including settings made of white and yellow gold as well as platinum. You can view a separate feed of “Shop Our Instagram” (see sample below) or follow them on Instagram (Ericaweiner) for the latest. But the site does not include everything sold by the company.

Weiner Instagram



Less expensive than many other sites in the antique/vintage market. Prices range at press time from $525 for this “Tiniest Diamond Ring (14K White Gold) to $11,660 for this (Flaming Heart Ring by British designer Polly Wales).

Ease of Use

Site is clearly labelled and organized into four main sections: Antique Jewels, EW Originals, Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands. Descriptions of rings include background stories and details of metals and gems.

Erica Weiner selection

Fitting Process

They have their own dedicated ring sizing guide. There is no single charge for resizing rings; it depends on the ring.

Ring Sizing chart

Physical Stores

3 shops in Nolita (Manhattan), Boerum Hill (Brooklyn) and Portland (Oregon)

Customer Service

All questions about repairs, returns and exchanges are answered in the FAQ. Yes, they offer engravings. That said, a disclaimer on the site says: “Antique jewelry is sold in as-is condition. That said, we make a point to disclose any minor flaws or potential problems with wearability in each of our product descriptions. We have our antique jewels inspected, cleaned, and repaired (if required) before making them available for purchase. In the unlikely event that your newly purchased antique is damaged, please email. Repairs are assessed on a case-by-case basis, we will review the damage and possible cause with our jeweler, and contact you with an estimate for the repair.”

Return Policy

Antique items under $2,500 may be returned or exchanged within seven days of delivery if they’re in their original, unworn condition. Antiques $2,500 and over may be exchanged for store credit only within 14 days of delivery. Returns will not be accepted after two weeks under any circumstances. For Internet orders, the return/exchange policy begins the day the package is delivered.


In the FAQ, they confront the big question: Is it pronounced “WEE-NER” or “WHY-NER”? Answer: “It’s WEE-NER. Like Oscar Mayer. Don’t be afraid to say it.”

Bottom Line

Erica Weiner, partner Lindsay Salmon, and their staff are all passionate about the history, lore, and legend of antique rings and provide a wealth of details about each ring on the website. They travel near and far to find unique, quirky, and timeless heirlooms.

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