A Nightcap In Paradise: Bora Bora’s Best Late Night Bars A Nightcap In Paradise: Bora Bora’s Best Late Night Bars

A Nightcap In Paradise: Bora Bora’s Best Late Night Bars

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In Bora Bora, everything shuts down around 10 pm–which isn’t shocking, considering most vacationers are usually burned out after spending the entire day frolicking in the sun. Honeymooners often head straight back to their bungalows after dinner.

There are some after-hours bars: places that stay open late and are often packed, but which you should experience at some point during your honeymoon. From local watering holes to retro-romantic shacks, these are the best spots to get a true nightcap in paradise.

  • Hotel Sofitel Marara

    Hurricane Bar Hotel Sofitel Bora Bora Marara Beach Resort, Vaitape, French Polynesia
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    If there’s any reason to hire a speedboat after dinner, it’s to get to Hurricane Bar at Sofitel Marara. Named after the 1979 movie Hurricane (with Mia Farrow) that was filmed near here, it’s a popular nightcap destination for honeymooners. It’s one of few resort bars right on the edge of a lit-up infinity pool and the lagoon, which creates an amazing atmosphere. Hurricane Bar is not a huge production (don’t expect craft cocktails or fire breathers or fireworks): the relaxed vibe and romantic setting are what makes it worthwhile.

    on lagoon | edge of infinity pool | relaxed

  • The Lucky House

    The Lucky House Restaurant, French Polynesia
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    So, back to the thing where everything closes at 10 pm. The Lucky House (or Fare Manuia) is a well-known exception. It’s the closest thing to a pub in the islands, and it will stay open late if enough people are enjoying themselves, or some event like the World Cup is taking place. On any given night, you’ll find mostly young Tahitian locals knocking back beers and cocktails and getting amped up with whatever game is on the TV screens. Expect a lively atmosphere and a ton of friendly, tattooed patrons.

    open later | young locals | games on TVs

  • Bloody Mary's

    Bloody Mary's Restaurant, French Polynesia
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    After you have an amazing dinner at Bloody Mary’s , stick around for a beer or two. Bloody Mary’s gets wild (for Bora Bora) after the dinner crowd. This popular 1960s institution hasn’t changed in decades, and the old-school Polynesian vibe is something people love to celebrate. It’s kitschy, feel-good fun here, and there’s always some old white dude jamming on a guitar to help set the scene.

    amazing dinner | old-school Polynesian | gets wild

  • The Recif

    Vaitape, French Polynesia 98730
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    The Recif (The Reef) is literally the only nightclub in Bora Bora. It’s a magnet for young locals who like to rage, but there are also always a few honeymooners that want to fist pump, slam shots and get as close to black-out drunk as possible. A typical night at The Recif generally starts as casual karaoke around 8 pm, then at midnight, it turns into a wild disco with live DJs spinning EDM and house music. You may wake up the next morning wondering how you got back to your room.

    only nightclub | karaoke till 12 | wild disco after

  • Four Seasons Bora Bora

    The Pool Bar Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora, Leeward Islands, French Polynesia
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    Not only is Four Seasons Bora Bora among the best resorts in Bora Bora, the main pool is a scene stealer. Not exactly a late-night bar, it’s more often the bar at which people start their night. During the day, the pool is the most social spot at the resort (some would say on all of Bora Bora), and we’re not talking just honeymooners. The resort is huge for incentive groups, guy groups, girlfriend getaways, and “buddymoons” (that’s where a couple brings their close friends on a honeymoon-like vacation; Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux being one famous example.) Patrons are usually young, have money, and want to chat with everyone. All this makes it the liveliest, booziest day-drinking spot on the island.

    start of night | day-drinking | lively and boozy