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Stitch & Tie by Friar Tux Review: Tuxedo & Suit Rental Guide

by Paul Underwood

Best Selection: Stitch & Tie

Best Selection: Stitch & Tie

Like Men’s Wearhouse, Stitch & Tie offers both online and offline rental services, and lets you combine the two as needed—well, provided you live in Southern California or Las Vegas, where all of its showrooms are located.

I found Stitch & Tie to be about average, with its primary selling point being a selection of designer tuxes from the likes of Michael Kors and Ike Behar. Overall, the selection was fine, the service was fine, the price was … well, a little bit more expensive than fine. By all means, consider them when shopping around, but don’t be surprised if you ultimately go somewhere else.

For information on how suit/tux rental sites work, and how we tested, see our comparative guide to online suit and tux stores.

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There were 31 tuxes when I shopped. Interestingly (and refreshingly), one is for women.


Suits range from $125-$155, which is near the higher end. But if you want the whole ensemble (shirt, shoes, tie, etc.), it’ll be another $60. Somewhat surprisingly, they also charge for shipping.

Ease of Use

Stitch & Tie runs one of the better men’s suit and tux rental sites, in terms of mimicking a shopping site, instead of a build-a-look site. One complaint: The styling is a little sloppy, with ties slightly askew on the models. When renting a tux, you want to buy into the idea that this is the coolest you will ever look. Stitch & Tie didn’t make me feel that way.


Everything felt nice to the hand. I rented a royal blue velvet tux, and I am confident I would have turned heads at a wedding (and not just for my dance moves).

Fitting Process

You, the suit shopper, submit measurements, following helpful video instructions on how to take those. Oddly, they ask for outseam (which requires measuring) instead of inseam (which requires looking at your favorite pair of pants), which seems difficult. I made a mistake in measuring, or possibly a typo, and the company called and emailed to reach out to make sure I got it right—an extra level of detail I appreciated.


Solid. The jacket was a tiny bit short, the pants and shirt a little long, but all of that would’ve been easily rectified by a tailor. (They will ship replacement pieces, or reimburse you for tailoring up to $15, which is standard.)

Physical Stores

Interestingly, they have 31 showrooms throughout Nevada and Southern California. But nowhere else.

Re: Groomsmen Coordination

You create an event and add looks to it. Makes it easy to track, prod and generally manage everyone’s attire.

Customer Service

Strong. I really appreciated them reaching out to ask if I made a mistake, and they did so delicately.

Time Required

You get your order about two weeks in advance of the event.


Nothing remarkable, other than a comically large amount of tape. It was like opening a Christmas present from an elderly relative.

Return Policy

You get 48 hours to put it back in the box and send it their way, on them. (Unlike the other brands I tried, they didn’t include a clear return date with the packaging.)

Bottom Line

There were a few little things that made it more difficult than it had to be—like taking difficult measurements and tracking down an email with a return date. And it’s not cheap. It’s best for guys in Nevada or Southern California who want to go to a brick and mortar shop in person.

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