The Best Bachelor Party-Friendly Casino Destinations The Best Bachelor Party-Friendly Casino Destinations

The Best Bachelor Party-Friendly Casino Destinations

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A bachelor party without a casino is like a strip club without a pole: you can still have fun, but somehow the experience will seem a little…off. You can kill many birds with one stone at these awesome bachelor party-friendly casino cities: great strip clubs, great food, great parties, and, of course, great gambling.

  • Las Vegas

    Las Vegas Strip, NV, USA
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    Of course this was going to be at the top of the list. The city is a moth light for high rollers, ballers and big spenders, thanks to more than 40 casinos on the Vegas Strip. You can go big at the best casino resorts, all of which are equipped with dozens of table games, hundreds of slots, and high-stakes gambling. Throw in restaurants for late-night refueling, early-morning breakfasts to start your day, epic party resorts and redonkulous suites and you’re all set for an epic bachelor party weekend.

  • Macau

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    If you’re in the financial position to throw your friends on a private jet, you obviously have to go to Macau. Just a 45-minute ferry ride outside Hong Kong, Macau is the Vegas of Asia. The Chinese like to gamble, and the casinos here offer every game you can think of, along with all the modern comforts you’d expect: restaurants, bars, clubs and an absurd amount of shopping. Everyone makes a beeline to Wynn for its two Michelin starred restaurants, huge suites, massive spa and–a tip to Vegas’ Bellagio–a huge fountain and water-dancing show. Then there’s the $2.4 billion Venetian Resort: the largest casino in the world with 3,000 rooms, 24 bars and a mind-blowing replica of the original Venice’s canals, complete with gondola rides and covered Italian bridges.

  • Atlantic City

    Atlantic City, NJ, USA
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    There’s only two ways to do Atlantic City. 1) Go all in or 2) Go halfway in, but then get so wasted you go all in anyway. This will likely happen on the limo ride from New York or Philadelphia. We speak from years of experiences. Atlantic City is small, but it’s packed with casino resorts like Harrah’s, Tropicana and Borgata. You can dine at celebrity chef restaurants, hit up some huge spas, get wild at nightclubs and cruise the boardwalk for bars. You can even get that famed Jersey Shore tan on its strip of beaches and actually get in the water to shake off your hangover.


  • New Orleans

    New Orleans, LA, USA
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    New Orleans is an epic bachelor party city. Aside from al the amazing food, hard-partying bars, unique daytime activities, and seemingly non-stop street parties, there is gambling aplenty. Your bachelor party squad can head to Harrah’s, the only casino resort that has table games, slots, free booze and nightlife options. You’ll also find a number of video poker and slots at a handful of bars throughout the city, like Barcadia.

  • Monaco

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    If you take your gambling seriously, and have money to burn, get your mid-60s James Bond on and head to Monaco. This posh, swank resort town in the south of France is a magnet for stylish gamblers, including the occasional European or Saudi prince or two. The casinos are legit: don’t expect grandmas in wheelchairs with cigarettes dangling out of their mouths, or dudes hanging out around the slots hoping for free drinks. Everyone’s going to be in a tux or an Armani suit, especially at the Casino de Monte-Carlo. It’s legendary, and after one visit you’ll see why there’s a “Monte Carlo” casino in every other gambling town on Earth.

  • Aruba

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    While Aruba is an amazing honeymoon destination, it’s also one of few Caribbean island resorts known for gambling. You can hop on a direct flight from major US cities, spend all day windsurfing, visit at some awesome local bars then hit the casinos. There’s almost a dozen, including Renaissance and The Ritz Carlton, offering everything from table games and slot machines to sports betting.