Ask Your (Unofficial) Best Man: Transcontinental Trendsetting

We’re both always following trends, and love to be at the new hot vacation destination. We’ve done Iceland, Cuba, Vietnam, where do you think the next big locale is going to be?

Head to Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast. It’s a beautiful oasis of palm trees, lush jungles, crystal clear waters, and incredible food. And it’s all hidden from the obvious travelers by, well, the rest of Nicaragua.

The region has tons of luxury hotels and resorts that have recently been built in the region, and is a getaway that people are only starting to pick up on. The destination’s firmly in the sweet spot: enough buzz that it’s attracting the best chefs and hotels, but not so much that your friend Dave from high school wants to go there.

Heed this advice and go south. In six months from now, you’ll be able to tell every friend you have, “Oh yeah, we went there on our honeymoon already and loved it. Let me tell you about some restaurants you’ll want to check out.” Bam. You just established  yourself as the travel expert of your friend group.

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