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Wedding Night Sex: 10 Rules

Rule 1: Delay the Honeymoon

Give yourself a day’s cushion. There’s nothing remotely sexy about waking up at 5:30 to catch an early flight. Leave the next day for sleeping in, thank yous, relaxing, paperwork, opening gifts, and any last minute errands. For more on the honeymoon departure, click here.

Rule 2: Tell Her She Looked Beautiful Today

Ahhhhwww. See? We’re not always jerks. Your new wife has spent literally hundreds of hours trying to look perfect on this big day. Let her know it worked. And if it didn’t, lie.

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Rule 3: Play Before the Foreplay

Don’t feel any pressure to thunder into the bedroom and start rattling the bed posts. Take some time to catch up. You’ve just spent many hours with hundreds of people; this might be your first chance to swap jokes and laugh at her mom’s hip-hop dancing. Take a time-out. And while you’re doing this, follow the next rule:


Rule 4: Snack

You probably haven’t eaten much. So your blood sugar could be low. And a shrinking blood sugar can lead to a shrinking… you know. So eat. In advance, arrange for someone to fix you the world’s most overpriced doggy-bag.

Rule 5: Avoid Whiskey-Dick

There’s an old saying: “Liquor before beer, in the clear; beer before liquor, you finish quicker.” Alcohol is the ultimate turncoat: in the beginning, it’s your libido’s best friend; by the end, it’s your libido’s worst enemy.

Rule 6: Toy with Her

Feeling more daring? Break out some sexy toys and playthings. No, maybe it’s not the ideal time for hardcore S&M. And maybe it’d be a little awkward, say, if you tried some “role playing” where you’re the jealous husband and she’s the cheating wife. So don’t get too crazy. But you can pull off massage oils, flavored lubes, bubble bath lotion and the like.

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Rule 7: Upgrade Down There

Don’t worry, we’re not talking male enhancement or little blue pills. But think about splurging on new boxers or boxer briefs.

Wait, did we just do that? Did we just advise a guy to buy a sexy pair of underwear? Yes. Yes we did.

It’s so unexpected it will make her laugh and relieve some of the wedding-night pressure. Don’t embarrass yourself with a g-string (ugh), but go ahead and plunk down some money on a designer pair that you would never ordinarily purchase (Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada). Bonus? These will immediately become your “lucky boxers” that you wear for client presentations, meetings with the Board, and playoff Game 7s. For tips on buying her lingerie, click here.

Rule 8: Get Gooey

Trust us. Even a hardened cynic-bride will like this stuff. Just roll up your sleeves and call in the romance cavalry: flickering candles, rose pedals, a music playlist that has sentimental value. Sappy and cheesy? Not to her it’s not. It’s the frickin’ wedding night.

Rule 9: Think About a Week of Celibacy

You want to guarantee hot wedding night sex? Doing the unthinkable—going without for a week, two weeks, or even a month or more—will restore some of that olden-times “wait until you’re married” magic. Abstinence makes the loins grow stronger.

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Rule 10: Safety First

You’ve just spent over 9 months preparing for a wedding. Do you really want to spend the next 9 months preparing for a baby? We haven’t written those articles yet. One scary life change at a time. For more, click here.

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