Get the Miami Look at these Amazing, Guy-Friendly Shops Get the Miami Look at these Amazing, Guy-Friendly Shops

Get the Miami Look at these Amazing, Guy-Friendly Shops

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Sorry, man. You’re not going out wearing those Tevas. And that pair of cheap sunglasses you got free from the bank? Also not happening. Miami has a look, and you need to accept it.

Luckily, Miami has you covered. The city is a shopping mecca and you may find the stores are better than where you shop back home. In order to look good your entire bachelor party weekend, these are the essential shops you need to check out.

  • Base

    2215 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL, United States
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    It’s all about high-end streetwear at Base. It’s possibly the best men’s-only lifestyle store in town, if you’re looking to roll with some high-fashion, downtown looks. The pieces are more expensive than you normally pay—but it’s worth it here, and it might be time for an upgrade. Formerly tucked away behind the Books & Books shop on Lincoln Road, Base is now rocking it in Wynwood in a massive space that feels like a gallery. It’s a magnet to fashion-forward guys, but you can find all sorts of basics (black Ts, fitted jeans) that are essential to your wardrobe, as well as the best colognes to boot.

    high-fashion | streetwear | basics

  • The Webster

    1220 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL, United States
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    Since the early 2000s, The Webster in South Beach has been the ultimate shop for designer collections. Big spenders usually whirl through here, and it’s where you’ll find the likes of David Guetta and Zac Efron buying threads. If money’s no object, you can buy everything from expensive beachwear to streetwear to dinner jackets from the best high-end male fashion designers, like Maison Margiela or Valentino. They even sell accessories like jewelry and pretty cool backpacks.

    designer collections | accessories | high-end

  • Babalu

    1121 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL, United States
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    Babalu is that eclectic, cool Miami shop where everyone finds all sorts of stuff they really don’t need, but buy anyway. Art books, hats, dishes: you name it. Due to high demand, Babalu is now at three locations where cool crowds roam: The Raleigh, SLS Hotel Brickell (downtown) and a stand-alone on Lincoln Road. The owners keep their an eye on the current fashions and trends, and you won’t go wrong here. Despite the store being known for cool things you can buy for your home, you definitely won’t find a better place for men’s swim trunks and designer sunglasses.

    eclectic | three locations | current fashions

  • Venissac

    1627 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL, United States
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    On Washington Avenue at Lincoln Road, Venissac is the perfect guy shop if you want to blend in without putting in tons of effort. The men’s shop is where you’ll find those breezy button-down, short-sleeved shirts (some with prints like palm trees, but not what your dad would buy). The boutique also has great pants, Bermuda shorts, accessories, hats, swimwear and shoes, all of which are linen so you don’t suffocate from that oppressive Miami humidity and look good even if you do.

    blend in | breezy | boutique

  • Superdry USA

    646 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL, United States
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    While it’s a chain, there’s only 10 of these bad-ass shops in the United States, one of which is in Miami. It’s sort of like a better version of H&M, and it’s cheap, so you’ll still have plenty of cashola for the strippers. Superdry goes beyond what you’d expect for Miami weather (jackets) but also has essentials you’ll need throughout the year (hoodies, polo shorts, sweatpants, socks, underwear), so it’s a great place to stock up. The styles here range from classic fits to modern looks, and the fit is always good.

    better H&M | essentials | good fit