Best Daytime Bachelor Party Activities IN NYC Best Daytime Bachelor Party Activities IN NYC

Best Daytime Bachelor Party Activities IN NYC

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New York City is the “city that never sleeps,” so why should you, especially during your bachelor party? Even if you stroll in at 5 am, you’ll need to grab a coffee, splash some water on your face, and get ready to take advantage of all the awesome daytime delights the city has to offer. These are the six best things you can do before the sun sets and you start to paint the town red.

  • Shoot some hoops

    500 West 204th St, 10034
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    Basketball culture in NYC is the real deal, and the city is renowned for its dozens of public basketball courts like Dyckman Park and the spectator-heavy The Cage in Greenwich Village. At some less famous courts, you can join in on games in progress or actually get a permit to reserve a space (ABC Playground Courts on Houston is a good one). Or you can get a pass to shoot hoops at famed Chelsea Piers. If you’re serious about basketball, Indoor Hoops brings people together with some awesome organized, pick-up games.

    basketball culture | public courts | Chelsea Piers

  • Kayak on the Hudson

    Pier 26
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    The Hudson River may forever be known for the Miracle on the Hudson (where captain “Sully” Sullenburger glided a powered-down passenger plane to safety), but for locals, it’s a boat and surf-rider playground. At Pier 26 by Downtown Boathouse, you can grab a free kayak for a kayak trip within the bay, as early as 9 am.

    free kayak from Pier 26 | many water activities

  • Shoot Someone (Paintball and Laser Tag)

    Indoor Extreme Sports
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    Indulge your Walking Dead fantasies by heading to Indoor Extreme Sports (either in Long Island or Staten Island) for some serious zombie-busting madness. These hardcore paintball facilities have actually become all the rage for zombie laser tag, where groups of five players battle other groups in classic game scenarios. There’s also a low-key, chill-out lounge with flat-screen TVs to take a break and bond over the best strategy to kill for the next game.

    hardcore paintball | zombie laser tag | chill-out TV lounge

  • Climbing Some Rocks

    brooklyn boulders
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    But you don’t have to shoot web from your hands to achieve wall-crawler status in NYC. Rock climbing is one of the most popular activities in NYC, and tons of locals strap up to climb high and getting an intense upper and lower body workout. The best place is Brooklyn Boulders, a state-of-the-art facility with 22,000-square feet and 22-foot walls of climbable space. You can also scramble to the top at Dumbo Boulders, a newer facility (completely outdoors) with awesome views just under the Manhattan Bridge.

    full-body workout | 22-foot walls | Dumbo Boulders

  • Kickball

    Baruch Playground
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    Even if you got picked last when you were a kid, you can show everyone who’s boss at New York City Kickball League. This league is actually for adults, and nothing gets that cardio pumping like kicking around that iconic red, bouncy ball on a sprawling field. There are no sore losers here, and everyone is welcome, even if you haven’t kicked a ball around ever. After the game, the crews usually end up at a happy-hour bar to knock back beers and bond of past kickball glories.

    NYC Kickball League | adult only | post-game drinks

  • Eat your way through the city

    70 Greenwich Ave
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    New York City is the food capital of the world. You don’t come here and eat at Chipotle. That’s basically illegal. The food here has the power to make grown men cry. There’s so many great restaurants in NYC, it’s hard to make decisions. Nice Guy Tours focuses on two neighborhoods that are known for great food (Greenwich Village and Lower East Side), and after three hours, you’ll feel like a local. A extremely stuffed and satisfied local.

    food capital of the world | Nice Guy Tours | like a local