The Best Honeymoons Are Ones In Motion

Hawaii is fun. The Swiss Alps are breathtaking. Paris is the most romantic city in the world. The bad news is they’ve all been done before. To make sure that your honeymoon is really special, choose a vacation that moves and evolves, just like your relationship will.

Static vacations are making way for a new breed of destination vacations in which the journey is the best part of the experience—no airport required. These modes of transport offer a luxe way to get away, and while these types of honeymoons can get pricey quick, they more than make up for it with the quality of each trip.


Luxury rail cars are an older aesthetic of travel that have gotten an update in recent years. Think Murder on the Orient Express without the, well, murder. Rail lines like the Belmond offer beautifully crafted details in every rail car, and memorable experiences at every stop along the way. These trips come in different lengths, and make for an especially romantic honeymoon.


Throughout the canals of the French countryside, luxurious barges, polished to every last detail, drift along picturesque waterways. Travelers enjoy the relaxing breath of nature while coasting through cities, vineyards, and small towns along France’s country regions. This is where the real French experience sits dormant, waiting for explorers to discover it. Barges are set up  to sleep a small group or just the two of you and a small staff, giving the newlywed couple a newfound privacy in the quiet countryside. That’s starting your marriage off on the best foot possible.


Nothing’s more romantic than a road trip. Two people, one car, a trunk full of supplies, and open road is all you need. We recommend a pilgrimage down the Iberian peninsula. Rent a small roadster in Paris. Bee line it south to Provence for some rosé and cheese. Stay in one of the Cote D’Azur’s tiny medieval villages. The next morning, get back in the car and head to Madrid. Roam the Spanish capital before continuing south to Seville. The important part of self-guided road trips is to not take it too seriously. While it’s tempting to overbook and plan every detail,  leave room for last minute changes like finding a charming bed and breakfast or continuing all the way through Spain and into Morocco for a transcontinental journey you two will never forget. Nothing bonds people like being in a car for a long time.


Seeing nature’s most interesting creations in the wild is an exciting way to experience the first days of married life. It’s how Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip celebrated their honeymoon. Plenty of African safaris offer beautiful living quarters while traveling through the savannah. It’s a lot easier to unleash the wild animal in you at night after a day watching real animals wander around your jeep.





Bottom Line

Sometimes the journey is the best destination. Besides, airports suck.

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