Bachelor Party

Ask Your (Unofficial) Best Man: Debauchery In Liquid Form

Wojciech Marzec

Full Disclosure: We plan on doing a lot of drinking on this bachelor party. Are there any hangover cures that you swear by?

It seems insane to us that humans found out how to clone a sheep, but still can’t immediately cure hangovers. Yet, here we are, concocting home remedies and trying to inject added value to everyday products for a miracle cure. No, there is no absolute cure that we swear by to cure you of your ails. That said, there are some things in our repertoires that help ease the pain for a while. While we don’t recommend letting your friends see it, those facemasks your girlfriend uses do wonders for hangovers. It’s less about actually curing your ailments, and more about doing something to at least point you in the proper direction. And rehydrating your skin can give you the boost you need to get back in the game. They cost next to nothing, ($6 on Amazon), and fit in any bag without taking up space. Grab one for every night you go out drinking, and then a couple more for when your friends beg you what your secret is.

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