Bachelor Party

Bachelor Parties for Dummies: Checklist

The marriage has one lone bright spot for the groom: the bachelor party. Follow the bachelor party planning checklist below, then check out the best bachelor party destinationshow to budget and how to stay on your best(ish) behavior.

Best Man Responsibilities

  • Confirm the guest list with the groom; make sure all the right guys are on the e-mail chain.
  • Find a weekend that works for everyone. Lock it down.
  • Work with the groom to pick the location/activity.
  • Figure out the rough budget.
  • Ensure the other guys are cool with the budget.
  • Buy your airline ticket.
  • Hound the groomsmen until they buy their airlines tickets.
  • Book the hotel rooms.
  • Book the rental cars (if necessary).
  • Book the stripper (if necessary).
  • Research the right restaurants, bars, and strip clubs.
  • Arrange for designated driver or cabs.
  • Plan at least one physical/outdoor activity.
  • Ensure all the guys have hotel/meet-up instructions.
  • Chip in for the groom’s expenses.
  • Purchase booze/cigars/snacks for the hotel room.
  • Bail the groom out of prison.

Groomsmen Responsibilities

  • Ask the best man if he needs any help planning.
  • Book plane ticket.
  • Keep the groom from getting plastered.
  • Let the groom win at any game.
  • Chip in for the groom’s expenses (excluding travel/hotel)
  • Buy the groom lapdances. (No less than 1, no more than 3)
  • Don’t let the groom cheat.
  • Keep the mood upbeat. (No drama, no bitching.)
  • No conversations about girlfriends/wives/children.
  • Bury any dead hookers.

Groom’s Responsibilities

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